Shalom in the name of the Lord. It has been raining twice every day, but the rainfall season has finally passed. We thank you for your prayers and support and bring you news of current events.

Children are the Future of the Thai Church

<Children’s Sunday School Service>

Watching our children coming and going through the church gates each day, we are witnessing our church members growing faithfully in God’s graceful guidance and all of your prayers. Though it seems as if we are in Korea of the 1970’s, I dream of a bright future in all our Thai churches that will stand strong with the children as they grow in God’s Word.

Our Thanksgiving Service

<A quick snap with our church members after the Thanksgiving Service>

Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church held the Thanksgiving Service on the 18th of November this year. As the whole church recited Psalm 136, we had a service of joy and thanks in remembrance of God’s grace given to us. We give thanks in faith that our small beginning will soon stand strong in God’s love and mercy.

Hidden Treasure

<Verses from the Bible Verse Memorization Contest>

We have given out 21 verses from the Bible for our annual end-of-the-year Bible Verse Memorization Contest. Children and adults alike are doing their very best to have the verses in their minds as they ask, “What will the prizes be?” My hope in this is that God would work miracles through the Bible verses they store to heart, uncovering the hidden treasure in each of their lives. Though we have yet to know what treasures they may hold…we pray and leave everything up in God’s hands.

TSSI Outreach Material Development

<With the outreach stories in hand, the outreach teams shout, “For the Kingdom of God!” before heading out>

Following the advice of Missionary Seok Cheon Jung, we have been developing new material every week for our Saturday outreach ministries. Our previous material (Bible Story Boards) had been in use for over 10 years. Though these were good in size for people to see, these had given difficulty to our outreach team members who had to carry them around through long distances. The new “storyboards” gave teams the advantage of sharing one message in the same week, and has given more ease in carrying due to the A4 size.

Little Kao’s Recovery

<Kao has recovered from his injuries>

As you know, Little Kao had fallen from a basketball ring and was greatly injured a few months ago. He has now fully recovered from his injuries and is well. We thank all of you who have supported Kao with prayer and finances. We ask you to pray that Kao will continue to grow in God’s amazing plan for him as a loving and faithful child of God.

CDP Children’s Field Trip to Siam Park, Health Training, and Sports Day

<At the entrance of “Suan Siam”, or “Siam Park”>

On the 6th of October, we went on a field trip to Siam Park with our children in the Children Development Program (CDP), and we held a health training session and the annual Sports Day at Bangkok Grace International School. With Missionary Sang Soo Lee managing the whole program, it is wonderful to see fellow missionaries and staff work together with passion. Not only that, the CDP program from Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) gave Thai children the opportunity to draw closer to our church. Our prayer is that this program will be the connection point where more children will hear the Gospel through it.

A Worker for the Thai Church

<Joseph is a student in the Bangkok Bible Seminary>

Joseph is a 2nd year student in the Bangkok Bible Seminary. He came down from Chiang Mai (the northern province) after graduating high school in May of 2017. He has served in our ministries since the founding of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church, and our church has supported him with his tuition of 1,766 dollars (2 million won), and 88.30 dollars (100 thousand won) in transportation fees each week. It has been a year since Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church was founded but is not abundant in finances, and most proceeds from offerings go into supporting our seminary student. Please pray for Joseph that he will finish his studies at the seminary well and grow to be a worker of God who will take on the ministries of the Thai church.

A Visitor to the Mission Field

<Director Mi Jin Ahn instructing the nursery pupils>

From August 26th to the 29th, Director Mi Jin Ahn of Kyung-dong Nursery or Daycare Center visited Ramkhamhaeng Grace Nursery and instructed the pupils herself. She took part in the missions through the Wednesday service, church gathering, and Saturday outreach.

<At a restaurant with members of Kusung Church>

On October 31st, members of Kusung Church (Pastor Sang Soo Cho, Elder Hye Hwan Kim, Elder Sae Hee Yoon, and Deacon Kyung Sik Son) visited Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church during the Wednesday service and prayed with us for the missions in Thailand.

<Dining with the Pastor Gil Jin Jung couple>

November 1st, Pastor Gil Jin Jung and his wife were on their way from Kenya. They were headed to Korea when they visited our church briefly to pray for the Thai missions.

Prayer Requests

  1. That residents and children of the Ramkhamhaeng area will experience the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God through Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church.
  2. Give courage and wisdom in missions to our teams in the Saturday Outreach that they would reveal the glory of God.
  3. For those in our weekly church gathering and Bible study groups open their hearts and receive the Gospel.
  4. For a great revival to occur in the ministries that we work in (Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church, Bangkok Grace Church, Bangkok Grace Foundation, Grace Nursery, Thai Sunday School Institution, Children Development Program).
  5. That the Grace Mission Center will be founded under God’s guidance.
  6. For God to give our family members spiritual as well as physical health so that we can continue to be used by God in spreading God’s Word.
  7. Let Grace and Jenny rely only on God so that they will be wise and be provided the environment to study under God’s guidance.
  8. For Isaac’s journey to college.
  9. Let God allow us the funds needed in missions.

From Missionaries Paul and Sarah in Thailand.

File Download for Printing: Thailand Mission News (November 2018)

태국 선교에 동참하는 동역자께.
태국 선교를 위해 동역해 주심에 감사드리며, 태국 선교지 소식을 전해드립니다.

  • 람캄행은혜교회

람캄행은혜교회를 위해 기도해 주셔서 감사합니다. 날마다 하나님께 더욱 영광돌리는 교회되기를 사모합니다. 저희가 할 수 있는 최선으로 하나님께 예배하는 모습 가운데 하나님께서 영광받으실 줄로 믿습니다.

주일학교 예배

주일학교 예배는 유치부와 초등학생들이 하나님께 드리는 예배입니다. 중고등부 학생들은 각 반의 보조교사로 함께 분반공부와 예배에 참여합니다. 엇은 방과후 피아노교실에서 피아노를 배워서 이제는 유초등부 예배의 피아노 반주자가 되었습니다. 하나님께 영광~

 어린이 주일학교 예배(주일 오전 9~10시)

방과후 피아노교실에서 피아노를 배워 주일학교 예배시 반주하는 엇


주일낮예배(주일오전 11~12시)

생명의 삶

매주일 오후 1시에 생명의 삶 성경공부에 참여하여 성경 말씀을 배우며 믿음의 길로 들어선 이들에게 하나님께서 믿음을 더해 주시고 열정을 더해 주시도록 기도해 주세요.


하나님의 은혜 가운데서 목장 식구들과의 관계가 점점더 깊어짐을 느낍니다.

매주 금요일 저녁에 함께 모여 식사교제 후에 목장 모임을 하고 있습니다. 아이들도 큰 소리로 함께 찬양하며 하나님께 경배드립니다.

  • 토요 골목 전도

태국은 현재 우기여서 매일 비가 옵니다. 람캄행은혜교회와 방콕은혜교회 그리고 방콕은혜국제학교 학생들이 매주 토요일마다 쏟아지는 비를 맞으며 또는 뙤약볕을 쬐면서도 함께 어린이들을 만나기 위해 전도하는 골목들로 나갑니다.

토요일 오후 2시에 태권도실에 모여 전도지에 나가기 전에 함께 기도회 후에 프아펜딘컹프라짜우!(하나님의 나라를 위하여!)를 외치고 9개 그룹(A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E, F, G)으로 나누어 전도지로 향합니다.

아이들에게 말씀을 전하는 에뻭(그룹 C2)

2시 50분부터 5시 30분 또는 더 늦은 시간까지 골목을 돌아다니며 아이들을 모아 찬양과 말씀을 가르치는 것이 쉽지만은 않지만 계속해서 할 수 있도록 인도하신 하나님께 감사드립니다.

쏟아지는 비속에도 아랑곳하지 않고 복음을 전하고 기도하는 박영희 선교사(그룹 A)

함께 하는 전도 팀원들 모두가 지치지 않고 복음을 전하여 복음을 들은 어린이들이 주님앞에 나오며, 태국 어린이들의 믿음이 성장할 수 있도록 기도해 주세요.

  • 태국 어머니날 초청 잔치

8월 12일 람캄행은혜교회와 방콕은혜교회가 연합하여 태국 주일학교 어린이들의 어머니, CDP 아동의 어머니, 그리고 지역에 거주하는 어머니를 초청하여 태국 어머니날 초청잔치를 했습니다. 예배와 찬양, 그리고 공연들을 통해 어머니들과 시간을 보냈습니다.

하나님께 함께 예배

방콕은혜국제학교 태국 스텝들과 선교사들의 특송

람캄행은혜교회 중고등부 학생들의 바이올린, 기타, 피아노 합주

람캄행은혜교회 중고등부 학생들의 T-Pop 댄스

바이올린 연주&합창-주님 다시 오실 때까지(모두 일어서서)

태국 어머니 112명, 어린이 97명, 방콕은혜교회 및 람캄행 은혜교회 스텝 및 선교사와 한국인 성도 61명 총 270명이 참여하였습니다. 하나님께 영광을 돌립니다.

  • 태국 보건키트 지원사업 전달식

2018년 방콕은혜재단에서는 한국기아대책기구, 한국삼성생명, 태국교육부와 MOU를 체결하여 앙텅, 아유타야, 촌부리, 라영, 나컨씨탐마랏, 쁘라찐부리에 5,820명의 학생들을 대상으로 보건키트를 지원하고 23개의 학교를 선정하여 자동혈압계와 프레임 수영장, CPR 인형, 레이저 체온계 및 보건약품을 지원했습니다. 대상 학교들을 선정하여 8월 14~17일, 22~24일까지 2주 동안 선정된 학교들을 방문하여 전달식을 진행하였습니다.

보건키트 전달식에서 학생들과 함께 기념 사진 촬영

학생들에게 나누어준 보건키트

23개 학교에 지원한 수영장

학교에 수영장이 생기자 교사들과 학생들 모두가 너무 좋아합니다.

23개 학교에 기증한 자동 혈압 측정기

23개 학교에 지원한 약품과 캐비닛 & CPR 인형

  • 방콕은혜국제학교

방콕은혜국제학교 2018년 졸업식이 5월 25일에 있었습니다. 

유치원 졸업생

고등학교 졸업생

졸업식과 더불어 방학했다가 8월 14일에 개학했습니다.이번학기에 정환 선교사는 유치원과 초등학교 학생들에게 태권도를 가르칩니다. 방콕은혜국제학교는 2000년에 정석천 선교사가 설립하여 지금까지 태국선교를 진행하는데 있어서 전초 기지 역할을 감당해 왔습니다. 하지만 이번학기에 등록한 학생 인원이 적어서 학교 운영에 많은 어려움을 겪고 있습니다. 방콕은혜국제학교에 더 많은 학생들을 보내 주시고 재정적인 후원자들을 만날 수 있도록 기도부탁드립니다.

  • CDP 필드트립(아쿠아리움, 영화관람, 수영장)

7월달부터 매달 첫번째 토요일에는 CDP 아동들을 모아 방콕은혜국제학교에서 오전 9시부터 하나님께 예배를 드리고 분반공부를 진행한 후에 필드트립을 다녀왔습니다.

아쿠아리움 견학(7월 7일)

방콕은혜국제학교 강당에서 CDP 아동 및 교사 사진촬영.

아쿠아리움으로 이동하기 위해 관광버스에 승차하기전 라인 업!

영화관람(8월 4일)

시내버스를 임대하여 창문으로 들어오는 바람을 느끼며 이동중…

영화관 입구에서 함께 사진 촬영

수영장(9월 1일)

수영장 입구에서 입장을 기다리는 CDP 아동들과 교사들

수영하는 CDP 아동들 

  • CDP 캠프

8월 24~26일 CDP 아동들을 방콕은혜국제학교로 불러모아 CDP 캠프를 진행하였으며, 하늘감리교회 단기선교팀이 함께 도왔습니다. 이번 캠프를 통해서 CDP 아동들이 믿음의 사람들로 훈련받게 하신 하나님께 영광돌립니다. 이번 캠프는 CDP아동 43명, 교사 15명, 선교팀 10명이 함께 참여하였습니다.

CDP 캠프가 진행되는 방콕은혜국제학교 강당 외부 전경

찬양과 율동으로 하나님께 영광~

학년별 분반공부 진행 중…

손을 잡고 서로를 위해 하나님께 기도하는 시간

생일축하와 함께 간식 파티

  • 성결대학교 총학생회 임원 방문 봉사

6월 29~30일까지 성결대학교 학생지원처에서 총학생회 및 운영위원회 임원들을 인솔해 총29명이 람캄행 은혜유아원에 방문하여 2층과 3층 페인트칠 봉사를 하였습니다.

람캄행 은혜유아원 앞에서 단체 사진 촬영

폐인트 작업중인 성결대학교 학생들과 교직원들

새로 교체한 에어컨(유아들이 잠자는 방)

또한 유아원 2층 유아들이 잠자는 방의 고장난 에어컨을 새 에어컨으로 교체했는데, 이 기간동안 사용된 자재 비용을 성결대학교에서 지불하였습니다.
성결대학교 학생들이 람캄행 은혜유아원에서 봉사활동을 할 수 있도록 인도하신 하나님께 감사드리며, 이번 학생 활동을 허락해 주신 성결대학교 윤동철 총장님, 그리고 수고한 학생들과 학생들을 인솔한 조춘범 학생지원처장님과 김기준 과장님께도 감사드립니다.

  • 참빛누리교회 태국 단기선교

7월 15~21일까지 참빛누리교회 태국 선교팀이 람캄행은혜교회에 방문하여 태국 선교를 진행하였습니다. 2017년에 이어 2년째 입니다. 

방콕 수완나품 공항에서 입국 후 정환 선교사 가족과 함께

전도집회는 총 2차(1차: 오후 5시~6시, 2차: 저녁 6시 40분~7시 40분)에 걸쳐 진행하였으며, 각 회마다 오프닝 찬양, 댄스와 설교, 부채춤, 찬양 율동, 바이올린 및 기타와 피아노 합주, T-Pop, K-Pop, 인형극, Cup-Ta 순으로 진행하였습니다.

월요일과 화요일에는 람캄행 39 지역의 가정들을 방문하여 전도집회에 초청하였으며, 수요일에는 전도 집회를 진행하였습니다.

초청잔치에 초청된 어린이들과 부모

하나님께 찬양~

참빛누리교회 태국 선교팀의 부채춤 공연

람캄행은혜교회 중고등부 학생들이 바이올린, 기타, 피아노 합주

K-Pop 댄스, T-Pop 댄스

인형극: 소경 바디매오


전도집회를 마치고 함께 사진 촬영.

전도집회에는 327명(장년 143명, 어린이 184명)이 참석하였는데 어린이들에게는 장난감(레고, 팽이, 공, 키홀더 등), 어른들에게는 쌀 5킬로를 선물로 주었으며, 간식으로 빵과 우유를 준비해서 함께 나눴습니다. 감사한것은 이번 전도집회에 사용된 모든 비용을 참빛누리교회에서 헌금해 주었습니다.
2년째 참빛누리교회가 태국 선교팀을 파견하여 전도집회를 할 수 있도록 인도하시고 특별히 이번 전도집회를 통해 태국 인들에게 복음을 전할 수 있는 기회를 주신 하나님께 영광을 올려 드립니다.
또한 기도와 헌금으로 지원해주신 김진도 목사님과 참빛누리교회 성도님들, 그리고 직접 참빛누리교회 태국 선교팀을 인솔한 정범준 목사님과 팀원들께도 감사드립니다.

  • 은혜유아원 

은혜유아원이 임대하여 사용하는 건물은 2미터 옆에 빌라가 붙어 있는데 그 빌라는 낡고 오래되어 몇 년전부터 사용을 중지했습니다. 하지만 은혜유아원은 계속 임대하여 사용하고 있습니다. 건물 외부 지반이 침하하여 바닥과 여러곳에 균열 생겨서 위험해서 이사가 시급합니다. 은혜유아원이 잘 가르친다는 소문때문에 유아원에 새로 등록하러 왔다가도 건물이 위험해 보여서 그냥 돌아가기도 합니다. 또한 람캄행은혜교회가 이곳 은혜유아원 건물을 사용하고 있는데 주변에 은혜유아원이 새롭게 옮겨갈 건물을 기도하며 찾고는 있지만 마땅한 건물이 없습니다. 

지반이 침하하여 배수관이 떨어진 상태

 2미터 떨어져 있는 빌라(오른쪽이 유아원)

수도 펌프 지반 침하(유아원 건물 뒷쪽)

출입구 아랫쪽이 침하(유아원 건물 뒷쪽)

지하실 문 입구 아랫쪽 침하(유아원 뒷쪽)바닥 침하로 인해 수도관이 드러남(건물 옆면)

  • 은혜미션센터

람캄행 39지역에 은혜미션센터가 세워지기 위해서 기도해 주세요. 람캄행 39지역은 대부분이 왕가의 땅입니다. 물론 현재 은혜 유아원이 임대해 사용하고 있는 곳도 왕가의 땅입니다. 은혜유아원과의 거리는 걸어서 2분 거리에 있습니다. 지난 4월에 선교지 소식에 소개했던 곳인데 다른 사람과 임대계약이 진행되었다가 얼마전에 계약이 취소되었다고 합니다. 새로 지은 4층 건물인데 저희가 임대하여 은혜미션센터로 사용하게 된다면 4층: 교회&태권도 학원, 3층: 태국 언어학교, 2층: 유아원, 1층: 사무실 및 식당을 통해 람캄행 39지역에 선교의 발판을 다지는 계기가 될 것으로 생각됩니다. 하나님의 선하신 인도하심따라 이 사역에 동참할 동역자와 필요한 재정이 준비되도록 기도해 주세요.

  • 가족소식

정환 선교사는 지난 6월 2일부터 14일까지 건강검진을 위해 한국에 방문하였습니다. 한국방문 기간 동안 함께하신 하나님께 영광을 올려 드립니다.
이 기간 동안에 여권, 주민등록증 및 자동차 운전면허증을 새로 발급 받았습니다. 성문태권도세계선교회, 성결대학교 및 성문중고등학교와 후원교회에 방문하여 교제 또는 선교보고를 했으며, 부모님과 지인들을 만나 식사교제를 했습니다.
특별히 숙식 및 항공비, 한국 체류비용과 건강검진 등 한국에서의 모든 필요를 공급한 성문태권도세계선교회 김성문 회장님과 차량을 지원해준 강상수 형님께 감사드립니다.
또한 성문중고등학교 이사장이신 정길진 목사님께서 일반현미경 2대와 해부용 현미경 2대를 기증해 주셔서 방콕은혜국제학교에 전달하였습니다. 
건강검진 결과가 나왔는데 상복부 초음파 검사 결과 간에 1.2Cm 크기의 낭종(물혹)이 있으며, 심장 초음파 검사 결과는 심장의 승모판막의 미세한 폐쇄부전(역류증)이 있고, 위 내시경 검사결과는 3년전에 만성 표재성 위염이었던 것이 현재는 만성 위축성 위염 및 만성 표재성 위염으로 진단 되었습니다. 건강을 위해 기도부탁드립니다.

은혜와 은총이는 하나님의 인도하심으로 아주사 퍼시픽 대학교에 입학하여 공부하는 중이며, 적응하는 단계에 있습니다. 잘 적응하고 공부하여 하나님께 영광올려 드릴 수 있도록 기도해주세요.

명균이는 고등학교 3학년 과정을 시작했는데 하는 일들이 많아서 바빠 보입니다. 방콕은혜국제학교 학생회에서는 부회장직을 맡고 있으며, 체플시간에 기타와 카혼 연주를 하고 있습니다. 또한 방콕은혜국제학교에 오케스트라를 만들기 위해 치앙마이에서 바비선생님이 2년째 분기별로 일주일씩 학생들에게 바이올린을 가르치고 있는데 함께 지도를 받고 있습니다.
람캄행은혜교회에서는 주일낮예배와 수요예배에서 트럼펫 연주를 하고 중고등부 모임에서는 잘 하지 못하지만 피아노 반주로 돕고 있습니다. 내년 5월에는 대학교에 진학해야 하는데 위해서 기도해주세요. 


  1. 람캄행 은혜교회의 예배가 온전히 하나님께 영광돌리며 하나님의 크신 은혜가운데 모든 성도들이 믿음안에 든든히 서기 위하여.
  2. 매주 토요일 진행하는 토요 골목전도 가운데 하나님의 영광을 드러낼 수 있도록.
  3. 목장모임과 생명의 삶 공부에 참여하는 이들이 마음을 활짝열고 복음을 받아들일 수 있기 위해.
  4. 진행하는 사역(방콕은혜국제학교, 방콕은혜재단, 은혜유아원, 태국주일학교연구원, 어린이개발프로그램)과 함께 동역하는 선교사들이 하나님의 인도하심을 받도록.
  5. 방콕은혜국제학교에 더 많은 학생들을 보내주시고 재정 후원자들을 만날 수 있기 위하여.
  6. 은혜미션센터가 하나님의 인도하심 가운데 세워질 수 있기 위해.
  7. 가족 모두에게 영육간에 강건함 주셔서 태국인들에게 복음 전하는데 쓰임 받을 수 있도록.
  8. 은혜&은총의 대학 생활가운데 온전히 하나님만 의지하여 하나님의 인도하심 가운데 학업 할 수 있는 지혜와 환경을 허락해 주시기 위해.
  9. 명균이의 대학 진학을 위하여.
  10. 선교에 필요한 만큼의 재정을 하나님께서 허락해 주시도록.

태국에서 정환&김영옥 선교사 드립니다.

인쇄용 파일 다운로드: 태국 선교지 소식-2018년 9월

To our supporters in our Thai missions.


We thank you for your support, and share the news from Thailand.

Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church

Thank you for praying for our church. We pray and hope that our church would be one that constantly gives glory to God. We believe God will be glorified as we give praises to Him with sincere hearts and minds.

Sunday School

Elementary school students to children as young as kindergarteners come to our Sunday School service. Middle and high school students come to serve as assistant teachers in the Bible studies and service. Earth learned piano in our after-school classes and is playing for our Sunday school service. Glory to God!

<Childrens’ Sunday School Service (9am-10am)>
<Earth learned piano in our after-school classes and is playing for our Sunday school service.>

Main Service

<Main Service on Sunday (11am-12pm)>

Living Life Bible Study

Let us pray that God would give our church family greater faith and passion to learn more about God as we study the Bible through Living Life Bible Study at 1pm every Sunday.

Mokjang(house church)

We see our Mokjang members gain deeper relationships in God’s grace.

Every Friday, we are hosting Mokjang(house church gatherings) with members of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church.
The children sing in loud, strong voices and praise the Lord.

Thai Children Outreach

Currently, Thailand is in the rainy season. BGIS students, and members from Bangkok Grace Church and Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church come together to meet children in local areas and to spread the Word of God under the extreme weather, whether it be blazing sun or pouring rain.

2pm on a Saturday afternoon, we gather together in prayer. We shout, “For the kingdom of God!” thrice before heading out in 9 groups.

<Young Apek (Group C2) is telling a story from the Bible.>

It is not easy to outreach the Thai children every Saturday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, most times ending at a later time. We give thanks to God, who has been with us all along the way.

<Missionary Young Hee Park (Group A) is spreading the gospel even in the pouring rain.>

We pray that our outreach team members would not be tired and continue to spread God’s Word. Let the children who hear it come back to God and grow in faith.

Thai Mother’s Day Celebration

On August 12th, we invited all the mothers in our area and held a Mother’s’ Day Celebration. We spent time with them through praise, worship, and various performances.

<Praising God through our service>
<A special number from staff and missionaries of BGIS>
<Youth from Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church play the violin, guitar, and piano>
<Youth from Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church T-Pop Dance>
<Violin and choir sing, “Until Jesus Comes Again”>

A total of 270 people participated in our event. 112 Thai mothers, 97 children, and 61 staff, missionaries, and Korean members from Bangkok Grace Church and Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church. We give glory to God.

Giving Hygiene Boxes in Thailand

In an agreement with Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI), Samsung Life, Thailand Department of Education, and MOU, we have given Hygiene Boxes to 5,280 students in the Angthong, Ayuthaya, Chonburi, Rayong, Nakornsrithammarat, and Prachinburi provinces. We have also selected 23 schools and provided them with portable swimming pools, automatic blood pressure monitors, dolls, laser thermometers, and other medical equipment and supplies. These were given out throughout two weeks, from August 14th to 17th, and the 22nd to 24th.

<At the giving of Hygiene Boxes>
<Hygiene Boxes donated to the students>
<Portable swimming pools donated to 23 schools around Thailand>
<Students and teachers alike love that they received a swimming pool.>
<Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors Distributed to 23 schools around Thailand>
<Medicine, cabinets, and CPR dolls donated to 23 schools around Thailand>

Bangkok Grace International School

Commencement was held at Bangkok Grace International School on May 25th.

<Graduates of BGIS Kindergarten 2018>
<BGIS Graduates of 2018>

After a good commencement and summer break, Bangkok Grace International School has opened once again on the 14th of August. Starting this year, Missionary Paul Jung is teaching TaeKwonDo to kindergarten and elementary school students. Since BGIS was founded in 2000 by Missionary Seok Cheon Jung, it has functioned as an outpost of the Thai mission field. But the school is currently going through many financial hardships as a small number of students have registered for the coming year. We request a prayer that God would send more students to BGIS and for more sponsors to come our way.

CDP Field Trips: (the Aquarium, Movies, and Water Park)

Starting from the month of July, we gathered together at 9 am with the CDP children and had held a service and Bible studies, then going on our field trips.

Field Trip to the Aquarium (July 7th)

<CDP children and teachers in the auditorium>
<All in line as we board the bus and ready for the aquarium!>

To the Movies(August 4th)

<We rented a city(transit) bus and move as we feel the warm breeze…>
<Photo at the cinema>

Field Trip to the Water Park (September 1st)

<Waiting for entry at the water park>
<CDP children swimming!>

CDP Camp

The annual CDP camp went on from August 24th to the 26th, with all the children in the program participating. A mission team visited from the Sky Methodist Church of Korea and helped. We give glory to God for giving the children the opportunity to be trained by people of faith. 43 CDP children, 15 teachers, and 10 mission team members participated in the camp.

<A “panoramic view” of the Bangkok Grace Church, where the CDP camp is held>
<Let us worship the Lord with praises and dancing!>
<In Bible study groups by grade level…>
<Hand in hand, we have a time of prayer to God>
<A joyful birthday party and snacks!>

Sungkyul University Student Government and Members of the Board Volunteer

From June 29th-30th, the Sungkyul University Student Support Center lead the student government and members of the board that totaled 29 people and volunteered to repaint the 2nd and 3rd floors of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Nursery.

<A groupshot photo in front of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Nursery>
<Sungkyul University student volunteers and faculty painting the nursery walls>
<Newly installed air conditioner (in the children’s sleeping room)>

We also installed a new air conditioner in the area where children would sleep in, and the material costs were paid for by Sungkyul University.

We thank God who has lead the students of Sungkyul University to come to our nursery as volunteers. We also give thanks to President Dong Chul Yoon of Sungkyul University for letting the volunteer team make the trip to Thailand, to all the student volunteers, to Mr.Chun Bum Cho (the Dean of Student Support) and Mr.Ki Jun Kim (Acting Chief) who lead the volunteers for the whole trip.

Chambitnuri Church (True Light Nations Church) Comes on Missions

On July 15th to the 21st, the Chambitnuri Thai Mission Team came to Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church and joined us in the mission field. Following last year, this is their second time to visit.

<With the family of Missionary Paul Jung at the Suvarnabhumi Airport>

The outreach rallies were held twice (5pm-6pm, 6:40pm-7:40pm), and each was held in this order: introduction and opening worship, dance and sermon, Korean fan dance, praises and worship with dance, performance of violins, guitars, and piano, T-Pop, K-Pop, Puppet Show, and Cup-Ta.

On Monday and Tuesday, we invited families from the Ramkhamhaeng 39 area to our outreach event, which took place on Wednesday.

<Children and their parents invited to the celebration>
<Praises to God~>
<A Korean Fan Dance from the Chambitnuri Church Mission Team>
<Youth from Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church play the violin, guitar, and piano>
<K-Pop and T-Pop Dance Performances>
<Puppet Show: Bartholomew the Blind Man>
<Photo after our outreach rally!>

327 people (143 adults, 184 children) came to our outreach rally. We gave toys (lego, top, ball, keyholder, etc.) to children and five kilos of rice to the adults as gifts, and prepared bread and milk to eat as refreshments. We were thankful that Chambitnuri Church gave an offering to cover all the funds for our rally. We give glory to God who has lead the mission team from Chambitnuri Church to come and hold the outreach rally with us for the second year, and gave us a chance to spread God’s Word to the Thai people. We give thanks to our sponsors in Chambitnuri Church who supported us through prayer and funds, to Pastor Beom Jun Kim who lead the mission team, and all the members of the mission team who came from Korea to work together in the mission field.

Grace Nursery

Next to Grace Nursery, there is an old villa two meters away, that has not been in use from a few years back. But Grace Nursery is still in use. Many cracks and crevices have formed from ground sinkage, and this makes it dangerous for the nursery to stay. It is in need of moving fast. People come to Grace Nursery after hearing of its great teaching program, but often go back after seeing the dangerous-looking building. Additionally, Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church is using this building as well, and we are currently praying and looking for building near the nursery where it could relocate.

<The drain pipe has separated from ground sinkage>
<The Villa two meters away (Nursery on the right)>
<Ground sinkage in the drainage pump (Back of Nursery)>
<Sinkage in the entrance to the Nursery (Back of Nursery)>
<Ground sinkage in the bottom of the door to the basement (Back of Nursery)>
<The water pipes underground are showing from ground sinkage (Side of building)>

Grace Mission Center

Please pray that Grace Mission Center would be built in the Ramkhamhaeng 39 area. This area is mostly the land of the Thai King. This potential building is only about a two minutes’ walk away from Grace Nursery, which also belongs to the King of Thailand. We had previously introduced this place in the April Mission Letter. It had a lease contract going on with another client, but had been cancelled recently. There are four floors in this new building, and if we were to use it as Grace Mission Center, the fourth floor would be a church and TaeKwonDo gymnasium, the third floor would be a Thai Language School, the second floor a nursery, and the first floor an office and restaurant. Through this, we believe that Grace Mission Center would come to serve as a foothold and steppingstone for the missions to spread in the Ramkhamhaeng 39 area. Our prayer request is that more missionaries would come to aid us in our missions and that the needed funds would be prepared in God’s guidance and care.

Family News Updates

<Grace and Jenny’s Graduation>

From the June 2nd to the 14th, Missionary Paul Jung has traveled to Korea for health screenings and checkups. We give all the glory to God who has been with him the whole time. During this trip, he was issued a new passport, driving license, and identification card. He shared details of the mission work so far with Sung Moon World TaeKwonDo Missions, Sung Kyul University, Sung Kyul Middle and High School, and sponsoring churches. He also had some time to spend with his parents and friends. We give special thanks to President Sung Moon Kim of Sung Moon World TaeKwonDo Missions, who has provided us with all the funds needed for the trip, including the plane fares, lodging, fees for the stay in Korea, and fees for the health screenings. We also give special thanks to Mr. Sang Soo Kang, who has provided us with a car. We give sincere thanks Mr. Gil Jin Jung, the chairman of Sung Moon Middle and High School, who has donated a pair of regular microscopes and another pair of dissecting microscopes. They have been delivered to Bangkok Grace International School.

The health screening results have come out recently. From abdomen ultrasonography, we have found that there is a cyst that is 1.2 cm wide in the liver. The heart ultrasonography showed that there were slight signs of dysraphia (or dystectia?) in the mitral valve, and the gastroscopy showed what had been only Chronic Superficial Gastritis three years ago had developed into both Chronic Superficial and Atrophic Gastritis in the stomach. Please pray for his health, for these conditions to be healed completely.

Under the guidance of God, Grace and Jenny has gone to America to study at Azusa Pacific University, and is getting used to the new environment around them. Please pray that they would study well and use it for the glory of God.

Isaac has started his last year in high school, and seems busy with multiple tasks and responsibilities. He is the Vice President in the Student Government at school, and plays the guitar and the cajón during chapel. He is also being taught violin from Mrs. Barbie from Chiang Mai (the northern part) who comes quarterly with a goal in mind to form an orchestra at BGIS. She has been coming and serving us with her skills for two years. Isaac serves our church by playing the trumpet in the Wednesday and Sunday services. Though not as experienced, he also plays the piano in the youth ministries.
Please pray for Isaac, who is planning to go to college next year in May.

Prayer Requests

  1. Let the praises of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church be lifted up and give glory to God. Let the members of our church would stand strong in faith under God’s guidance.
  2. That the Saturday Outreach that goes on every week would bring glory to God.
  3. Let those who come to the weekly church gathering and Bible studies open their hearts and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.
  4. Let all our ministries (Bangkok Grace International School, Bangkok Grace Foundation, Grace Nursery, Thailand Sunday School Institute, Children’s Development Program) and fellow missionaries be guided by God.
  5. That God would send more students to Bangkok Grace International School and for us to meet financial sponsors and supporters for missions.
  6. That Grace Mission Center would be founded and built by the guidance of God.
  7. Let our family be healthy both physically and spiritually and that we could be used by God as a way for the Thai people to hear the Gospel.
  8. For God to be with Grace and Jenny and give them wisdom and the right environment for study as they are on their journey in college.
  9. For Isaac’s college admission.
  10. For God to provide us with all funds needed for missions.

From Missionaries Paul and Sarah in Thailand.

File Download for Printing: Thailand Mission News (September 2018)

그동안 까오를 위해서 기도해 주셔서 감사합니다.

까오가 지난번 사고로 인해 다쳤던 몸의 다른 부분은 모두 회복되었다고 했는데 병원에 가서 다시 진찰한 결과 아직 귀가 완전히 치료되지 않았으며, 시신경을 조절하는 뇌가 손상을 입어서 오는 26일과 28일에 진찰이 예약되어 있는 상태입니다. 아직까지 좌측 눈의 시력이 좋지 않으며, 좌측 눈을 똑바로 잘 뜨지 못하고 있습니다. 현재 좌측 눈 치료를 받고 있으며, 일정 기간이 지난후에 시력이 더 이상 회복되지 않으면 안경을 맞추어야 한다고 합니다.

까오의 좌측 눈 시력 회복과 귀가 정상으로 회복되도록 위해서 기도 부탁드립니다.