– Commissioning Organization: CMF, Sungmun World Taekwondo Mission, Jesus Korea Sungkyul Church

– Commissioning Church: Suwon Peace Church

:::  DEGREE  :::

2015. Fuller Theological Seminary – Pasadena, CA / Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministries

2005. Graduate School of Public Administration in Kookmin University – Seoul / Master of Public Administration

2005. Graduate School of Theology in Sungkyul University – Anyang, Gyunggido / Master of Divinity

1996. Sungkyul University – Anyang, Gyunggido / Bachelor of Theology

::: CAREER :::

1990~1992. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Combat Police

1992. Awarded a Citation from the Yangcheon Police Chief

1992~1995. YooJin Taekwondo Gymnasium Auxiliary Master

1994. Sungkyul University Department of Theology President of Student Body

1995. Sungkyul University Taekwondo Mission Club Founder & President

1995. World Taekwondo Mission in SungKyul University President

1995. Evangelism Explosion Training Levels 1, 2 Completion (NamSeoul Church)

1996. Sungkyul University President Citation Awarded

1996. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Combat Police Church Junior Pastor

1996. SamIl Taekwondo Gymnasium Master

1997~2001. Kusung Church Junior Pastor

2001~2002. Kusung Church Assistant Pastor

2002~2004. Onyang Church Senior Pastor (Church Planting)

2002~2005. Sungkyul University Taekwondo Mission Club Demonstration Team Leading Pastor

2003. Korea Sungkyul Church Association Middle School Textbook Writing Committee

2004~2005. Sungkyul University Department of Physical Education Teaching Assistant

2005. Suwon Peace Church Education Pastor

2005. Jesus Korea Sungkyul Church 12th Completion of Missionary Overseas Training

2005. 137th Completion of Third Taekwondo Instructor Training

2005. Completion of Discipline For Nurture & Assurance Leadership Seminar

2006. 28th Completion of Hunger Corps Phase 1

2006. 1. 15. Kusung Church Thailand Missionary Commissioning Service

2006. 1. 31. Arrival in Thailand

2006~2007. Bangkok Grace Church Korean Worship Service Pastor

2006~2012. Bangkok Grace Polytechnic School Taekwondo Master

2006~2012. Bangkok Grace International School Taekwondo Master

2006~2012. Children Outreach Ministries in Thailand and Korea Food for the Hungry International(KFHI) Children’s Development Program Ministries

2007. Bangkok Grace International School Korean Language Teacher

2008~2009. 2011 Bangkok Grace Church Thai Worship Service Pastor

2010. Bangkok Grace Church Korean Youth Group Pastor

2012. Bangkok Grace Church Thai Youth Group Pastor

2012. Bangkok Grace International School Awarded Chairman’s Plaque of Appreciation

2012. 3p Self Leadership School Professional Course Completion

2012. 12. 12. Arrival in America

2013. 1. 4. Admitted to Fuller Theological Seminary Doctorate Course in Ministry Missions

2013. FOM Colorado Springs Mission Research Team

2013. Attended 28th CMF Missionary Couples Festival

2014. Fuller Theological Seminary President of Washington Prayer Meeting

2014. Completion of International 21st Discipleship Leader Training Seminar (Sa-Rang Community Church)

2015. 7. 30. Arrival in Thailand

2015~2017. 8. 31. Bangkok Grace Church Pastor

2017. 160th House Church Seminar for Pastors (Seoul Baptist Church of Houston)

2017. 9. 1.~2019. 1. 31. Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church Senior Pastor (Thai House Church Planting)

2015~2019. 5. 31. Bangkok Grace International School Taekwondo Master

2015~2019. 5. 31. Thailand Sunday School Institute General Secretary

2019. 9. 10~2019. 10. 1. House Church training(Seoul Baptist Church of Houston)

2019. 11. 24. Suwon Peace Church Thailand Missionary Commissioning Service

2009~Present. Sungmun World Taekwondo Mission Advisor & Thailand Branch Manager


Taekwondo 5th Degree Dan

Pro Taekwondo 5th Degree Dan

Taekwondo 3rd Degree Master

2nd Degree Social Worker