The 21st Christian Children’s Day Celebration (January 19th, 2019)

Lead by TSSI, the 21st Christian Children’s Day Celebration will be taking place on January 19th, 2019. While the National Children’s Day of Thailand is the second week of January, the Christian Children’s Day had been started by Reverend Pastor Seok Cheon Jung (Founder of Bangkok Grace Foundation) twenty years ago. He wanted to introduce the Christian culture to the Thai children and let it take root. The celebration next year will consist of the following: Part 1 – Service and Worship, Part 2 – Balloon Art Show (By Ordained Deacon Geon Sik Kang of Seoul Vision Church), Worship Dance & Korean Traditional Mask Dance & Praise (By the Grace Saemmul Elementary School Team), Lunch, Part 3 – Other Activities (Games and a Bible Quiz). The participants will be children and students from the Ladphrao and Ramkhamhaeng outreach area and the Sunday School students of Hosanna Church, and the expected number is 500 people. We are currently preparing T-shirts, lunch, snack gift sets, and prizes for the activities. The estimate funds needed is approximately 2,700 USD. We ask for prayers that God would fill our needs from the preparations for the program to the funds required.