Thank you for praying for Mrs.Maew until now.

Last Friday, we have gove to visit Pi (pronounced pii) at one of his cousin’s house and asked them news concerning Mrs.Maew. But even they did not know what had happened to her. We went to bring Pi to church this morning during the Sunday School car transport and he started to cry as soon as he saw me. Maybe he was reminded of his mom…

Thankfully, we received news that Mrs.Maew is being hospitalized at Mongkut Wattana Hospital and took Pi to visit her. We gave thanks to God to find Mrs.Maew safe and awake. She was so glad to see us at the hospital that day. After an appointment with the neuro-professional, Mrs.Maew is to be discharged from the hospital and the results of her breast cancer surgery is to come out on Tuesday. We shared with her stories of God’s grace, and when time came for us to part, Pi cried because he did not want to leave without his mother. But we were able to calm him down once we told him that he could sleep at home with his mother after one more day.

Since Mrs.Maew does not have a set income, she receives cooked food from the temple and shares it with her son everyday. Please pray that Mrs.Maew would accept Jesus as her savior and find a stable workplace after regaining her health soon.

For two months, Mrs.Maew (aged 50) has been coming to attend house church meetings (service) at Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church with her son Pi (aged 6). She has received a brain surgery five years ago, and her husband has left her and her son when breast cancer formed in her body. Mrs.Maew has taken off (?) both breasts and has completely recovered after going through five times of kimo therapy. As of now, she has been taking medicine after therapy while having her health monitored every month.

<Mrs.Maew in Shock and Her Young Son Pi>

At around 6:30 PM yesterday while we were visiting the Thai childrens’ families, there were first aid crew who had already arrived at Mrs.Maew’s house. She had fallen unconscious on the floor due to shock. We soon saw that she awoke, and part of the crew headed back with their medical equipment. Then came the second shock, just as the other two men were about to leave. Mrs.Maew could not recognize a thing and kept blinking her eyes. The first aid crew then carried her to the car and she was sent to Khluai Nam Thai Hospital.

We are currently looking for her through phone calls but has made no progress so far, and there has been no way to know whether her condition has improved. Please pray for Mrs.Maew that her health would improve soon and that the situation will begin to look brighter..

Thank you for praying for young Kao until now.

We have received news that Kao has come back from the hospital on Wednesday (February 21st) and visited Kao’s house.

It was 10 o’clock in the morning but Kao and his family had still been asleep when they came out to meet us.

We asked his father about Kao’s health, and he responded that both Kao’s hearing and lungs are getting better. But his left eye is still in need of rest and is to go to the hospital for an appointment next week on the 26th. He is to receive an x-ray on his head as the left side of his back skull had been fractured before.

Kao had gotten a cold and could not speak properly.

Please put your hands together to pray once more for Kao that he would recover soon and find his health again.

Kao is a 3rd grade elementary student who comes to our Sunday School program.

He lives with his sister and his father who is a police volunteer.

When we meet on Saturdays during outreach, he tags along until the end and helps us. He also loves TaeKwonDo and comes to church wearing the TaeKwonDo uniform on Wednesdays and Sundays.

But last February 8, he got injured when the basketball board at a nearby school that he was playing up on with his sister fell to the ground.

He pushed his sister to safety when it happened and fell headfirst to the ground alone, fainting.

Lots of blood came out from his ear and nose, and was helped by the first aid crew when his sister went to her father to tell him of this incident.

The first aid crew arrived and performed CPR on him. Kao was transported to Phet Panya Hospital, but was then moved to Mongkut Wattana Hospital when he did not wake.

He awoke at Mongkut Wattana Hospital after treatment, but could not speak or walk. As of now, he has been recovering, and now can both talk and walk again.

But his right lung has a complication and is currently in treatment. His ear has decreased hearing ability and his eye is in pain.

Kao has another appointment with the doctor this Friday.

Please pray for Kao’s swift recovery.