Thailand Mission News(September 2019)

Romans Chapter 8 verse 28
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was by the grace of God and your support and the help of older missionaries that our family was able to serve in mission in Thailand since 2006. You loved us continuously through prayer and material support. We sincerely thank you all for helping us through many hardships.

On June 1st of this year, we came back to Korea for a short period of time to prepare for the next part of our mission and to renew our passports, national id card, and driver’s licenses. We had our health monitored at a hospital and removed bank accounts which we were not using. We also visited churches and family members who we haven’t been able to meet for a long time. From July 22nd to the 26th, we went and prayed at a starving prayer center and was reassured of God’s will towards mission in Thailand and experienced God’s grace and thanked Him.

Matthew Chapter 10 verse 42
“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

We thank God and give glory to Him who has prepared all pur needs for us during our short stay in Korea from June 1st to September 10th including delicious meals, a place to rest, a means of transportation, and the fees for health checkups. We pray that God will reward every one of our supporters who helped and served us during our stay, and we bless them.

Mission in Thailand through House Church

Genesis Chapter 12 verse 1
The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

On August 18th, my wife(Missionary Kim) and I bought plane tickets to Thailand to go back to the mission field towards the end of this year. Right now, we are learning about training House Church at Seoul Baptist Church of Houston, America. Pastoring Ramkamhaeng Grace Church starting last 2017 in September, through the experience of having gatherings in our home, and through learning to raise a House Church, we plan for the next part of our ministry in Thailand as a Thai House Church, and our hearts are already full of joy.
Ramkamhaeng Grace Church has been together with Bangkok Grace Church since February of this year, so when we go back to Thailand at the end of the year, we are going to start a House Church at a whole new area by outreaching and spreading the gospel to Thai people.
In Thailand, Buddhism reaches 94.6% and Islam totals to 4.3% of the population, but Christianity including Catholics, cults and sects, are only 1%. We ask for your prayers that when my wife and I go to Thailand, God will give us eyes of faith so we can see the exact place God is showing us and that God will lead us with His good grace.

Prayer Requests

1. For us to live solely for God’s glory and for them to respond to where God’s guidance leads them.
2. For all our ministry needs to be filled, including the visa in Thailand.
3. For a blessing of more fellow missionaries to minister with in Thailand.
4. To start a House Church in Thailand by evangelizing the Thai people and that we will effectively complete our coursework in learning about House Church.
5. For us to be both spiritually and physically healthy, and for God to give them grace and give them the gift of fluency in the Thai language.
6. For our three children (Grace, Jenny, and Isaac) to live a life of experiencing God’s power each day and that they would give glory to God.

Best Regards from the United States,
Missionaries Paul Jung and Sarah Kim

In front of Seoul Church Training Center in Houston

Thailand Mission News (December 2018)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It is already the end of 2018. We give all the glory to God who has lead us, and thank all our partners in missions who have supported us through prayers and funds. We sincerely wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year under God’s guidance.

Jehovah Rapha

<Mrs.Meow (left) Teacher Noi (right)>

There was great joy at Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church as there was joy when Apostle Philip went down to Samaria and worked miracles in Jesus’ name. After our Wednesday Prayer on November 28th, members of our church came together to pray for Mrs.Meow who had difficulty walking with leg pain, and Teacher Noi who had a knee injury. Teacher Noi’s knee had been in pain for a while since she had fallen down, but it was completely healed. Mrs.Meow’s leg lost its pain and got very much better after our prayer as well. The faith of our church members are growing day by day as we memorize and recite Bible verses, and we thank God for looking at their faith and working miracles through us. We ask you to pray that God’s kingdom would be expand continually around the world.

Our Mokjang Meeting (House Church)

<Mokjang Meeting>

God has given us overwhelming grace this year through the Mokjang meetings. He has provided for us so that we could pray and prepare food for our Mokjang family, which has grown from four to eight families to a total of nearly thirty people. It was the greatest joy to be able to spend time together sharing food, giving praise to God, listening to the Word, making prayer requests, and praying for each other. God blessed the Mokjang family with the grace to draw nearer to Him, and to continuously come to church. Glory to God! Hallelujah~

Jehovah Jireh

<“Phua Pan Din Khong Phra Jao~!” “For the Kingdom of God~!”>

Recently, God has sent a fund of 100,000 KRW (88.87 USD) through an acquaintance. Every Saturday Outreach, our team members bring their hearts together and prepares snacks with personal funds, and the expenses that are additionally needed are being filled with the funds sponsored. Because spreading the Gospel is God’s will we experience again that He is our Provider, and give the glory to God. Hallelujah!

A Christmas Celebration at Grace Nursery (December 20th, 2018)

<Missionary Young Ok Kim Greets Families and Presents are Given>
<A Photo Together After the Christmas Event>

We give glory to God, who has let us finish our Christmas Event in grace. Parents of the children were invited to join and watch them present what they have prepared. Missionary Whan Jung gave a sermon titled “Glory in the Highest, Peace on Earth”, and Grace Nursery gave a Bible to each family as a Christmas present. Director Mi-jin Ahn came specially from Korea for the Christmas celebration with various items and aided us in decoration and programs. We give thanks to all the prayers and everyone who made this event possible.

The Christmas Event at Bangkok Grace International School (December 21st, 2018)

As the semester drew to a close, BGIS had a Christmas event and threw a party outdoors to celebrate the coming of Jesus. This semester had had its financial hardships due to not many students having registered. Please pray that more students would register at BGIS and that the financial difficulties would be solved next semester.

CDP Christmas Event and Bible Memorization Contest (December 22nd, 2018)

<A Photo After the Christmas Event>

CDP children and their parents were invited to come to the Christmas Service (Sermon: Missionary Sang Soo Lee), CDP Children Bible Memorization Contest, and CDP Parent Ed (Instructor: Rev. Pastor Seok Cheon Jung). Three children from each grade (totalling twenty-four) were encouraged through gifts in the Bible Memorization Contest. Let us pray that the CDP children would stand firm in their faith.

Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church Christmas Celebration Service (December 23rd, 2018)

<Welcoming the new children>
<Sunday School Takes a Snapshot After the Christmas Celebration Service>
<Sunday School Christmas Celebration Service with Parents Invited>

Hallelujah! We give all the glory to God. There were more new children present than other times this Christmas, and a total of seventy-seven people attended the service. Additionally, we invited parents of our Sunday School children for the 11am Christmas Service, seventy-one people attended (twelve members of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church, eighteen parents, forty-one Sunday School children). Missionary Whan Jung gave the sermon “Glory to God, Peace to All”. Our youth group celebrated the birth of Baby Jesus with a special song and dance performance. Thank you for your prayers.

Bible Memorization Contest and Gift Exchange at Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church (December 23rd, 2018)

<With the Participants After the Contest Awarding Ceremony>
<After the Contest and Present Exchange>

Seven people participated in the Bible Memorization Contest (Four adults, one college student, one youth, one elementary student), and though they were nervous and could not as good as they usually were, we hope and believe that God will work in their lives through the Bible verses they have taken to heart.

The present exchange came next, and it felt like a big neighborhood celebration! The parents of the Sunday School children had come with presents and participated with joy and happiness. Seeing them enjoy their time together, a small hope lighted up that they would accept and confess Jesus as their Savior and become a member of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church in the future.

Scholarship Delivery Ceremony

<Giving the Scholarship to Sunday School Students of Bangkok Grace Church>
<Delivery Ceremony with Students of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church>

Not long ago, a sum of 30,000 Thai baht (921 USD) was given to the Bangkok Grace Foundation to be used for Thai children in financial need through Missionary Akira Kono. We were extremely touched and heart-warmed when we heard of her story. The husband of who had donated this fund had deceased from cancer. She had been raising three children (ages 6, 10, and 12) by selling flowers everyday for a living, but wanted to give the fund as a scholarship for Thai children. Reverend Pastor Seok Cheon Jung, who is the founder of Bangkok Grace Foundation had three students each from our two churches be selected and had the scholarships of 5,000 Thai baht delivered to a total of six students, to the students from families in financial hardship who attended our churches each week. We hope that these students would grow well and thrive in faith and become the people to spread God’s love to others.

“Wow! I get the Bible” Seminar – The Old Testament

Starting January 7th of 2019, the Old Testament Seminar “Wow! I get the Bible!” will be lead by TSSI at Bangkok Grace International School. Please pray that God would bless all the instructors and participants with His grace and that more people would hear of this seminar and come.

The 21st Christian Children’s Day Celebration (January 19th, 2019)

Lead by TSSI, the 21st Christian Children’s Day Celebration will be taking place on January 19th, 2019. While the National Children’s Day of Thailand is the second week of January, the Christian Children’s Day had been started by Reverend Pastor Seok Cheon Jung (Founder of Bangkok Grace Foundation) twenty years ago. He wanted to introduce the Christian culture to the Thai children and let it take root. The celebration next year will consist of the following: Part 1 – Service and Worship, Part 2 – Balloon Art Show (By Ordained Deacon Geon Sik Kang of Seoul Vision Church), Worship Dance & Korean Traditional Mask Dance & Praise (By the Grace Saemmul Elementary School Team), Lunch, Part 3 – Other Activities (Games and a Bible Quiz). The participants will be children and students from the Ladphrao and Ramkhamhaeng outreach area and the Sunday School students of Hosanna Church, and the expected number is 500 people. We are currently preparing T-shirts, lunch, snack gift sets, and prizes for the activities. The estimate funds needed is approximately 2,700 USD. We ask for prayers that God would fill our needs from the preparations for the program to the funds required.

Prayer Requests

  1. That residents and children of the Ramkhamhaeng area will experience the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God through Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church.
  2. Give courage and wisdom in missions to our teams in the Saturday Outreach that they would reveal the glory of God.
  3. For those in our Mokjang (weekly church gathering) and Bible study groups to open their hearts and receive the Gospel.
  4. For a great revival to occur in the ministries that we work in (Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church, Bangkok Grace Church, Bangkok Grace Foundation, Grace Nursery, Thai Sunday School Institution, Children Development Program).
  5. That the Grace Mission Center will be founded under God’s guidance.
  6. For God to give our family members spiritual as well as physical health so that we can continue to be used by God in spreading God’s Word.
  7. Let Grace and Jenny rely only on God so that they will be wise and be provided the environment to study under God’s guidance.
  8. For Isaac’s journey to college.
  9. Let God allow us the funds needed in missions.

From Missionaries Paul and Sarah in Thailand.

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Thailand Mission News (November 2018)

Shalom in the name of the Lord. It has been raining twice every day, but the rainfall season has finally passed. We thank you for your prayers and support and bring you news of current events.

Children are the Future of the Thai Church

<Children’s Sunday School Service>

Watching our children coming and going through the church gates each day, we are witnessing our church members growing faithfully in God’s graceful guidance and all of your prayers. Though it seems as if we are in Korea of the 1970’s, I dream of a bright future in all our Thai churches that will stand strong with the children as they grow in God’s Word.

Our Thanksgiving Service

<A quick snap with our church members after the Thanksgiving Service>

Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church held the Thanksgiving Service on the 18th of November this year. As the whole church recited Psalm 136, we had a service of joy and thanks in remembrance of God’s grace given to us. We give thanks in faith that our small beginning will soon stand strong in God’s love and mercy.

Hidden Treasure

<Verses from the Bible Verse Memorization Contest>

We have given out 21 verses from the Bible for our annual end-of-the-year Bible Verse Memorization Contest. Children and adults alike are doing their very best to have the verses in their minds as they ask, “What will the prizes be?” My hope in this is that God would work miracles through the Bible verses they store to heart, uncovering the hidden treasure in each of their lives. Though we have yet to know what treasures they may hold…we pray and leave everything up in God’s hands.

TSSI Outreach Material Development

<With the outreach stories in hand, the outreach teams shout, “For the Kingdom of God!” before heading out>

Following the advice of Missionary Seok Cheon Jung, we have been developing new material every week for our Saturday outreach ministries. Our previous material (Bible Story Boards) had been in use for over 10 years. Though these were good in size for people to see, these had given difficulty to our outreach team members who had to carry them around through long distances. The new “storyboards” gave teams the advantage of sharing one message in the same week, and has given more ease in carrying due to the A4 size.

Little Kao’s Recovery

<Kao has recovered from his injuries>

As you know, Little Kao had fallen from a basketball ring and was greatly injured a few months ago. He has now fully recovered from his injuries and is well. We thank all of you who have supported Kao with prayer and finances. We ask you to pray that Kao will continue to grow in God’s amazing plan for him as a loving and faithful child of God.

CDP Children’s Field Trip to Siam Park, Health Training, and Sports Day

<At the entrance of “Suan Siam”, or “Siam Park”>

On the 6th of October, we went on a field trip to Siam Park with our children in the Children Development Program (CDP), and we held a health training session and the annual Sports Day at Bangkok Grace International School. With Missionary Sang Soo Lee managing the whole program, it is wonderful to see fellow missionaries and staff work together with passion. Not only that, the CDP program from Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) gave Thai children the opportunity to draw closer to our church. Our prayer is that this program will be the connection point where more children will hear the Gospel through it.

A Worker for the Thai Church

<Joseph is a student in the Bangkok Bible Seminary>

Joseph is a 2nd year student in the Bangkok Bible Seminary. He came down from Chiang Mai (the northern province) after graduating high school in May of 2017. He has served in our ministries since the founding of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church, and our church has supported him with his tuition of 1,766 dollars (2 million won), and 88.30 dollars (100 thousand won) in transportation fees each week. It has been a year since Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church was founded but is not abundant in finances, and most proceeds from offerings go into supporting our seminary student. Please pray for Joseph that he will finish his studies at the seminary well and grow to be a worker of God who will take on the ministries of the Thai church.

A Visitor to the Mission Field

<Director Mi Jin Ahn instructing the nursery pupils>

From August 26th to the 29th, Director Mi Jin Ahn of Kyung-dong Nursery or Daycare Center visited Ramkhamhaeng Grace Nursery and instructed the pupils herself. She took part in the missions through the Wednesday service, church gathering, and Saturday outreach.

<At a restaurant with members of Kusung Church>

On October 31st, members of Kusung Church (Pastor Sang Soo Cho, Elder Hye Hwan Kim, Elder Sae Hee Yoon, and Deacon Kyung Sik Son) visited Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church during the Wednesday service and prayed with us for the missions in Thailand.

<Dining with the Pastor Gil Jin Jung couple>

November 1st, Pastor Gil Jin Jung and his wife were on their way from Kenya. They were headed to Korea when they visited our church briefly to pray for the Thai missions.

Prayer Requests

  1. That residents and children of the Ramkhamhaeng area will experience the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God through Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church.
  2. Give courage and wisdom in missions to our teams in the Saturday Outreach that they would reveal the glory of God.
  3. For those in our weekly church gathering and Bible study groups open their hearts and receive the Gospel.
  4. For a great revival to occur in the ministries that we work in (Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church, Bangkok Grace Church, Bangkok Grace Foundation, Grace Nursery, Thai Sunday School Institution, Children Development Program).
  5. That the Grace Mission Center will be founded under God’s guidance.
  6. For God to give our family members spiritual as well as physical health so that we can continue to be used by God in spreading God’s Word.
  7. Let Grace and Jenny rely only on God so that they will be wise and be provided the environment to study under God’s guidance.
  8. For Isaac’s journey to college.
  9. Let God allow us the funds needed in missions.

From Missionaries Paul and Sarah in Thailand.

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Thailand Mission News (September 2018)

To our supporters in our Thai missions.


We thank you for your support, and share the news from Thailand.

Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church

Thank you for praying for our church. We pray and hope that our church would be one that constantly gives glory to God. We believe God will be glorified as we give praises to Him with sincere hearts and minds.

Sunday School

Elementary school students to children as young as kindergarteners come to our Sunday School service. Middle and high school students come to serve as assistant teachers in the Bible studies and service. Earth learned piano in our after-school classes and is playing for our Sunday school service. Glory to God!

<Childrens’ Sunday School Service (9am-10am)>
<Earth learned piano in our after-school classes and is playing for our Sunday school service.>

Main Service

<Main Service on Sunday (11am-12pm)>

Living Life Bible Study

Let us pray that God would give our church family greater faith and passion to learn more about God as we study the Bible through Living Life Bible Study at 1pm every Sunday.

Mokjang(house church)

We see our Mokjang members gain deeper relationships in God’s grace.

Every Friday, we are hosting Mokjang(house church gatherings) with members of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church.
The children sing in loud, strong voices and praise the Lord.

Thai Children Outreach

Currently, Thailand is in the rainy season. BGIS students, and members from Bangkok Grace Church and Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church come together to meet children in local areas and to spread the Word of God under the extreme weather, whether it be blazing sun or pouring rain.

2pm on a Saturday afternoon, we gather together in prayer. We shout, “For the kingdom of God!” thrice before heading out in 9 groups.

<Young Apek (Group C2) is telling a story from the Bible.>

It is not easy to outreach the Thai children every Saturday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, most times ending at a later time. We give thanks to God, who has been with us all along the way.

<Missionary Young Hee Park (Group A) is spreading the gospel even in the pouring rain.>

We pray that our outreach team members would not be tired and continue to spread God’s Word. Let the children who hear it come back to God and grow in faith.

Thai Mother’s Day Celebration

On August 12th, we invited all the mothers in our area and held a Mother’s’ Day Celebration. We spent time with them through praise, worship, and various performances.

<Praising God through our service>
<A special number from staff and missionaries of BGIS>
<Youth from Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church play the violin, guitar, and piano>
<Youth from Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church T-Pop Dance>
<Violin and choir sing, “Until Jesus Comes Again”>

A total of 270 people participated in our event. 112 Thai mothers, 97 children, and 61 staff, missionaries, and Korean members from Bangkok Grace Church and Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church. We give glory to God.

Giving Hygiene Boxes in Thailand

In an agreement with Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI), Samsung Life, Thailand Department of Education, and MOU, we have given Hygiene Boxes to 5,280 students in the Angthong, Ayuthaya, Chonburi, Rayong, Nakornsrithammarat, and Prachinburi provinces. We have also selected 23 schools and provided them with portable swimming pools, automatic blood pressure monitors, dolls, laser thermometers, and other medical equipment and supplies. These were given out throughout two weeks, from August 14th to 17th, and the 22nd to 24th.

<At the giving of Hygiene Boxes>
<Hygiene Boxes donated to the students>
<Portable swimming pools donated to 23 schools around Thailand>
<Students and teachers alike love that they received a swimming pool.>
<Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors Distributed to 23 schools around Thailand>
<Medicine, cabinets, and CPR dolls donated to 23 schools around Thailand>

Bangkok Grace International School

Commencement was held at Bangkok Grace International School on May 25th.

<Graduates of BGIS Kindergarten 2018>
<BGIS Graduates of 2018>

After a good commencement and summer break, Bangkok Grace International School has opened once again on the 14th of August. Starting this year, Missionary Paul Jung is teaching TaeKwonDo to kindergarten and elementary school students. Since BGIS was founded in 2000 by Missionary Seok Cheon Jung, it has functioned as an outpost of the Thai mission field. But the school is currently going through many financial hardships as a small number of students have registered for the coming year. We request a prayer that God would send more students to BGIS and for more sponsors to come our way.

CDP Field Trips: (the Aquarium, Movies, and Water Park)

Starting from the month of July, we gathered together at 9 am with the CDP children and had held a service and Bible studies, then going on our field trips.

Field Trip to the Aquarium (July 7th)

<CDP children and teachers in the auditorium>
<All in line as we board the bus and ready for the aquarium!>

To the Movies(August 4th)

<We rented a city(transit) bus and move as we feel the warm breeze…>
<Photo at the cinema>

Field Trip to the Water Park (September 1st)

<Waiting for entry at the water park>
<CDP children swimming!>

CDP Camp

The annual CDP camp went on from August 24th to the 26th, with all the children in the program participating. A mission team visited from the Sky Methodist Church of Korea and helped. We give glory to God for giving the children the opportunity to be trained by people of faith. 43 CDP children, 15 teachers, and 10 mission team members participated in the camp.

<A “panoramic view” of the Bangkok Grace Church, where the CDP camp is held>
<Let us worship the Lord with praises and dancing!>
<In Bible study groups by grade level…>
<Hand in hand, we have a time of prayer to God>
<A joyful birthday party and snacks!>

Sungkyul University Student Government and Members of the Board Volunteer

From June 29th-30th, the Sungkyul University Student Support Center lead the student government and members of the board that totaled 29 people and volunteered to repaint the 2nd and 3rd floors of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Nursery.

<A groupshot photo in front of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Nursery>
<Sungkyul University student volunteers and faculty painting the nursery walls>
<Newly installed air conditioner (in the children’s sleeping room)>

We also installed a new air conditioner in the area where children would sleep in, and the material costs were paid for by Sungkyul University.

We thank God who has lead the students of Sungkyul University to come to our nursery as volunteers. We also give thanks to President Dong Chul Yoon of Sungkyul University for letting the volunteer team make the trip to Thailand, to all the student volunteers, to Mr.Chun Bum Cho (the Dean of Student Support) and Mr.Ki Jun Kim (Acting Chief) who lead the volunteers for the whole trip.

Chambitnuri Church (True Light Nations Church) Comes on Missions

On July 15th to the 21st, the Chambitnuri Thai Mission Team came to Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church and joined us in the mission field. Following last year, this is their second time to visit.

<With the family of Missionary Paul Jung at the Suvarnabhumi Airport>

The outreach rallies were held twice (5pm-6pm, 6:40pm-7:40pm), and each was held in this order: introduction and opening worship, dance and sermon, Korean fan dance, praises and worship with dance, performance of violins, guitars, and piano, T-Pop, K-Pop, Puppet Show, and Cup-Ta.

On Monday and Tuesday, we invited families from the Ramkhamhaeng 39 area to our outreach event, which took place on Wednesday.

<Children and their parents invited to the celebration>
<Praises to God~>
<A Korean Fan Dance from the Chambitnuri Church Mission Team>
<Youth from Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church play the violin, guitar, and piano>
<K-Pop and T-Pop Dance Performances>
<Puppet Show: Bartholomew the Blind Man>
<Photo after our outreach rally!>

327 people (143 adults, 184 children) came to our outreach rally. We gave toys (lego, top, ball, keyholder, etc.) to children and five kilos of rice to the adults as gifts, and prepared bread and milk to eat as refreshments. We were thankful that Chambitnuri Church gave an offering to cover all the funds for our rally. We give glory to God who has lead the mission team from Chambitnuri Church to come and hold the outreach rally with us for the second year, and gave us a chance to spread God’s Word to the Thai people. We give thanks to our sponsors in Chambitnuri Church who supported us through prayer and funds, to Pastor Beom Jun Kim who lead the mission team, and all the members of the mission team who came from Korea to work together in the mission field.

Grace Nursery

Next to Grace Nursery, there is an old villa two meters away, that has not been in use from a few years back. But Grace Nursery is still in use. Many cracks and crevices have formed from ground sinkage, and this makes it dangerous for the nursery to stay. It is in need of moving fast. People come to Grace Nursery after hearing of its great teaching program, but often go back after seeing the dangerous-looking building. Additionally, Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church is using this building as well, and we are currently praying and looking for building near the nursery where it could relocate.

<The drain pipe has separated from ground sinkage>
<The Villa two meters away (Nursery on the right)>
<Ground sinkage in the drainage pump (Back of Nursery)>
<Sinkage in the entrance to the Nursery (Back of Nursery)>
<Ground sinkage in the bottom of the door to the basement (Back of Nursery)>
<The water pipes underground are showing from ground sinkage (Side of building)>

Grace Mission Center

Please pray that Grace Mission Center would be built in the Ramkhamhaeng 39 area. This area is mostly the land of the Thai King. This potential building is only about a two minutes’ walk away from Grace Nursery, which also belongs to the King of Thailand. We had previously introduced this place in the April Mission Letter. It had a lease contract going on with another client, but had been cancelled recently. There are four floors in this new building, and if we were to use it as Grace Mission Center, the fourth floor would be a church and TaeKwonDo gymnasium, the third floor would be a Thai Language School, the second floor a nursery, and the first floor an office and restaurant. Through this, we believe that Grace Mission Center would come to serve as a foothold and steppingstone for the missions to spread in the Ramkhamhaeng 39 area. Our prayer request is that more missionaries would come to aid us in our missions and that the needed funds would be prepared in God’s guidance and care.

Family News Updates

<Grace and Jenny’s Graduation>

From the June 2nd to the 14th, Missionary Paul Jung has traveled to Korea for health screenings and checkups. We give all the glory to God who has been with him the whole time. During this trip, he was issued a new passport, driving license, and identification card. He shared details of the mission work so far with Sung Moon World TaeKwonDo Missions, Sung Kyul University, Sung Kyul Middle and High School, and sponsoring churches. He also had some time to spend with his parents and friends. We give special thanks to President Sung Moon Kim of Sung Moon World TaeKwonDo Missions, who has provided us with all the funds needed for the trip, including the plane fares, lodging, fees for the stay in Korea, and fees for the health screenings. We also give special thanks to Mr. Sang Soo Kang, who has provided us with a car. We give sincere thanks Mr. Gil Jin Jung, the chairman of Sung Moon Middle and High School, who has donated a pair of regular microscopes and another pair of dissecting microscopes. They have been delivered to Bangkok Grace International School.

The health screening results have come out recently. From abdomen ultrasonography, we have found that there is a cyst that is 1.2 cm wide in the liver. The heart ultrasonography showed that there were slight signs of dysraphia (or dystectia?) in the mitral valve, and the gastroscopy showed what had been only Chronic Superficial Gastritis three years ago had developed into both Chronic Superficial and Atrophic Gastritis in the stomach. Please pray for his health, for these conditions to be healed completely.

Under the guidance of God, Grace and Jenny has gone to America to study at Azusa Pacific University, and is getting used to the new environment around them. Please pray that they would study well and use it for the glory of God.

Isaac has started his last year in high school, and seems busy with multiple tasks and responsibilities. He is the Vice President in the Student Government at school, and plays the guitar and the cajón during chapel. He is also being taught violin from Mrs. Barbie from Chiang Mai (the northern part) who comes quarterly with a goal in mind to form an orchestra at BGIS. She has been coming and serving us with her skills for two years. Isaac serves our church by playing the trumpet in the Wednesday and Sunday services. Though not as experienced, he also plays the piano in the youth ministries.
Please pray for Isaac, who is planning to go to college next year in May.

Prayer Requests

  1. Let the praises of Ramkhamhaeng Grace Church be lifted up and give glory to God. Let the members of our church would stand strong in faith under God’s guidance.
  2. That the Saturday Outreach that goes on every week would bring glory to God.
  3. Let those who come to the weekly church gathering and Bible studies open their hearts and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.
  4. Let all our ministries (Bangkok Grace International School, Bangkok Grace Foundation, Grace Nursery, Thailand Sunday School Institute, Children’s Development Program) and fellow missionaries be guided by God.
  5. That God would send more students to Bangkok Grace International School and for us to meet financial sponsors and supporters for missions.
  6. That Grace Mission Center would be founded and built by the guidance of God.
  7. Let our family be healthy both physically and spiritually and that we could be used by God as a way for the Thai people to hear the Gospel.
  8. For God to be with Grace and Jenny and give them wisdom and the right environment for study as they are on their journey in college.
  9. For Isaac’s college admission.
  10. For God to provide us with all funds needed for missions.

From Missionaries Paul and Sarah in Thailand.

File Download for Printing: Thailand Mission News (September 2018)